Design Build Process

  • Lot/ Land acquisition
  • Tower Hill Builders will work with the client to locate a suitable property. After raising a family, and living in the area for many years, we have an intimate knowledge of Needham and the surrounding towns. We continually have direct sellers approach us on properties which may never hit the open market. We can also accompany clients on viewing MLS properties to look at their suitability for construction.

  • Town requirements/ Zoning requirements
  • We have a local surveyor and architect who can review proposed work to make sure it conforms to all requirements. If preferred, we can work with your team. Requirements such as setbacks, lot coverage ratios and grading are some of the items we will look at.

  • Designing the home or addition
  • We will match the client’s needs to what works on that particular property. This can be a total new construction, or a remodel/ addition. The surveyor will provide an existing plot plan, and a proposed plot plan for submittal to the town.

  • Prepare a cost proposal
  • Based on the customers needs we will produce a spec sheet and allowance sheet for finish products. Most finish products are purchased from local reputable suppliers, who stand behind their products. Customers can be involved as much, or as little as they prefer. An overall scope of work will list work to be done. A timeline schedule and payment schedule will be produced.

  • Contract agreement
  • After pricing and terms are agreed upon, THB will file applications with the town. Weekly, or as needed jobsite meetings can be arranged. Since I am a local builder, I plan to be on site daily when possible to meet with subcontractor tradesman for questions that may arise. We take pride in being on site through the whole process.

    Tower Hill Builders maintains ongoing relations with our tradesman. Most have been with me for many years and homes. This long term relationship results in a higher quality finished product, and prompt service when needed. Please feel free to call for more information.